Welcome back SpaceJammer

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Yesterday I went to the park for jamming a bit, and I was wondering if RickyBoy might appears. I was feeling something.. I asked Claudio "Is RickyBoy coming?" Claudio reply "I don't know, I don't think, we need to do something, Rickyboy is playing only ultimate".

I was sticking my fake nails, when we saw Rickyboy coming in our direction with a big smile. I felt a big bang to heart, a bang full of joy for the event. Claudio also was excited for the return of the SpaceJammer. We jammed the first 20 minutes with sunlight, then one hour from the darkening to complete darkness. RickyBoy has special natural duty for coops and moobopping, I really like to play with him. Claudio, on the other side, is getting every day higher difficulty tecnics. I wanna mix these two guys! :P