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Nice move! A lot of jammers, included me, were reporting that a lot of Discraft SkyStylers were broking prematurely, and so we wrote to Discraft. We need disc with a better plastic, we can't broke 3 or 4 disc for a week! Discraft answered:

Thank you for your feedback on the quality of the Sky-Styler discs. We are continually working on improving the quality and consistency of our discs and feedback from you is always appreciated. To help resolve the issue that you��re experiencing with the cracking of the Sky-Stylers we would like some more details. Are the cracked discs a specific color, are they softer or harder ones or are you finding that all of them are cracking? With the feedback we are receiving from players like you, we will look into this issue and make the appropriate changes to the production process.

Thank you in advance for your support and communication on this situation.

Erich Sitler

Discraft, Inc

And then... on wrightlife:replacement disc! We'll need to pay the shipping, but I think it's a nice move from Discraft. Now I need to collect memories about all the discs that I broke recently! :)