'80 California Girls Video

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Amazing! Wonderful! You have to see the "California Girls" frisbee video! It is a very well made video, with Amy Bekken and Stacy Anderson. The smell is pure '80, the music, the bikini, and it's very lovely. I would like to know when, where, why this video was recorded. I'll try to get out more information I can...

P.S. there are others video online today, from CrazyManuel: vagolino 2006 - open playoff - Manuel Cesari & Andrea Poli All Road 4*4 scarecrow by Manuel Cesari

Updated: The link "california video" was not working, sorry. I've fixed now, but I'm not sure if it's very legal what I've done. (The link on the image needs the filename param, that I've found on the html source and then attached to the link ). I'll ask to Larry, webmaster of freestyledisc.org

Updated Bis: It appears that for someone also thenew link is not working... So go to FPA gallery and search for "california girls"