I'm fired up!

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I'm really fired up in cause of the last weekend. Friday I met Claudio in Parco Agosto, and we jammed for one hour. Claudio reported me that Cega is not playing now, beacause he is working on grape and wine.. but the worst is that we no info about RickyBoy, our favorite spacejammer. I really hope to see him coming back to jam, sooner or later. Claudio is playing hard as usual, his spin is going faster, and now I feel very good playing with him. Saturday is "jamming on the beach" on my "jammer bible", and not only for me! This saturday was the first time coming back to jam with Luca and Clay, after the European Championship. We were all happy for the end of the tournaments, and ready for jamming! After half an hour also Andrea was jamming with us. The old Romagna team was complete. The wind was very soft, but steady fortunately. The weather was perfect, 25° and sun. When all the energies were gone, I was already playing, or better, trying to play. Sandra at the end stopped me, after 10 minutes I was trying to give me another spin. :) I tryed to ask to Clay and Luca for sharing a gym for the winter, and they agreed!! I don't like to play in a gym, but with my new work and the winter, it's the only way to practice a bit during the week. So, I'm looking for a gym in Forlì or Cesena... wanna help me? :)