EFC 2006 - Ostia!

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Ok, I want talk about too many things, and I don't know where start from... Let's start with the more recent event: Europeans Championship, helded in Ostia, Rome. Friday at 20pm were leaving from Forlì Claudio, Luca and me. The trip to Rome was very long, because we went to Rome with Woody, my '70 very freak mini van. After some break and a "100� and 5 points" police stop, we reached the Ostia Lido at 3.30am. Claudio planted his tent in the camping, while me and Luca parked Woody in front of the Corallo Beach.

Saturday and the championship were just 5 hours far.... at 10 o'clock in the morning, the first jammers were knocking to the Woody's windows. When we reached the beach, the first question was: "where is the hardpack?" infact the jam of the previous days and a bad sea work, didn't made a good hardpack on the beach. There was just one solution: play barefoot... Oh my god! But luckly I played 2 days always barefoot and I didn't got enjured!!

In the while all the jammers were arriving... and it was like coming back to Berlin... A lot of jammers we left in Berlin were in Rome! German, Swedish, France, Holland, hey! i'm happy to meet you again! And then I paid the cheapest tournament fee (except for vagolino, volavola, rototom) and I got a tournament disc, a t-shirt, a cap and other sponsored gadget, and there was also nice price for 1,2 and 3 classified for each category!

After the first jam, where i found also the disc for the competition (grazie Mauro, ti devo un disco), all the tournament began to go faster... we played pairs quali, coop semis and pairs semis, all in one day, playing from 14 to 20pm circa... this was possible only with the dedicated judges, nice idea from LorenzZzo. The day was full of emotions, the wind was perfect for wonderful routines. I'm thinking that probably Saturday was my best day ever, I've never expressed my style in tournament like here. I hit some nice combo, and also the routines flowed sweetly, both pairs quali, semis and coop semis.

After an indecent year, I finally found a way to show up what is my freestyle... it's so gratifying! I'm trying to remember what I did before the routines, to find what helped me in concentrating... but maybe it was just the right wind :P . After the long day of routines, we taked a little free jam time... wonderful moments!

Sunday was, for me and Luca, the waiting day. We waked up very early - cause of the sun on the minivan - and we waited all the jammers on the beach. After some soft jam, the launch, and then the women shred and the mixed pairs. Everybody knows that I'm crazy for mixed, and that I'm looking desperately for a girl that wanna play with me, but you have to know how much fun I got watching at women shred! They were so concentrated and motivated, it was a real fighting of big moves... very nice show!

And after the mixed, the open pairs comes up! Me and Luca waiting for our turn, the last routine! What a kind of stress! Waiting, waiting... I've never played for last... We played with the same music of the semis, with some drops more and some energy less than Saturday, but at the end we were happy and proud of our routine. After the routine, Clay came to me and said "ok baby! now it's our turn! do you have more fire on your legs?" I said yes, but I wasn't sure at all. We practiced the routine, waited for long time again.. and then.. "let's go!" The first 3 exercises went down sweetly, and then I dropped my first individual, and then was something like " a tutto drop " ! It was terrible... disc on the water, disc on the sand.. disc everywhere except in our hands! Fortunately the 5 minutes finished soon :P

After that I was thinking only to jam! Jam, Jam, Jam... there were so many jammers that I would like to play with! But after too little time, we were called for the final ceremony. The complete results are here.

Coming back home, a lot of thoughts went to my mind... IloveMobop-INeedMoreMobop Ihaven'tSeenNoOneRoutine:( IHopeThatFabioWillUploadAllVerySoon IDon'tWantToGoToWorkTomorrow IWannaFindAGirlForPlayingMixed IwannaOrganizeAMobopEvent HowManyJammersThereWillBeInEuropeIn2016? IwannaPlayAlwaysLikeThisWeekend WhatAWonderfulSportIsFrisbee