vagolino 2006

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The Vagolino Tournament ended at 18pm with the usual massive jam. All things happened before are not simple to write down. If you've never lived a Vagolino, you can't understand and you can't miss Vagolino 2007. May be I'll come back and write some words about this big event. For now that's all. A big thanks to Piccio, Valentino, Grazia, Mes.

With a nice teamwork with Paolino(grazie!), I've uploaded the finals video:

  1. Mr.M & Piccio
  2. Clay & Fabio
  3. Gaddoz & Luca
  4. Paolino & Claudio
  5. Wall & Già²
  6. Manu & Alì

Lui and some flickr friend set up this nice pool of photos