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In a funny and interesting conversation with Reto, talking about fake nails and materials and dimension... (I can't forget John T saying: "fake nails are an interesting matter of discussion, instead of weather or something else, talk about fake nails with the people!") I discovered that he is still plaiyng with the same nails since 7 years ago! In the beginning I was thinking it was a joke, but after a long discussion I started believing it. My oldest fake nail is 3 month old! After that my fake nails became very ruined, not fast as in the beginning and I stop to use it. When Ricky ask me a fake nail, I give him one of these! :P I think it must depend on the material, but also on the size and where and how you use it. I think that the beach is very damaging for disc but also for nails, but I think that Reto in 7 year did also some jams on the beach! Reto uses an acrylic glass material, very hard to work, but very hard also to damage! So, is it a good choice to use materials like Gautier's style, or Yarnails style?

I'm thinking to a golden showcase for the Reto's oldest fake nails, or do you have an oldest fake nail?