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The Paganello ended more than one month ago, I promised to write something about it, but at the beginning I was really in trouble. This year the Paga was a strange experience for me. I like very much the Paga atmosphere, the parties, the big crowd, the red carpet.... and also this year Paga was fantastic. Also the players were great, there were a lot of new and good jammers, and I find it very stimulating for the freestyle scene. But my personal experience had another interesting theme this year... the partner.

I hope that nobody will misunderstand my words, I'm speaking english and I don't know why...(ask RickyBoy).

I thought I had never took care about the routine and the partner but it's not true. The truth is that I was always "luky" in the routine. For "luky" I mean that I always played with fun, in some cases more, in other less, but smiling and jamming, no one indys was studied, just jamming. And it was very fun!

This year I decided my partner, a big friend from Bologna, and I was very excited about it, because I feel very good with Manuel, in the jam, in the parties, in the life...

But this year, thanks to this Paga, I learned that the routine is another thing, different from the life, different from the jam... Me and Manuel are very similar and our brains are often conditioned by the neighbors. And in this Paga I conditioned negatively him, he conditioned negatively me, and at the end we played very conditioned, :) . I've never played in a routine so conditioned, and I hope to play never again like this. My jamming indys were empty of energies, I was like a dead jammer on the red carpet, and so I learned what it means "jamming is a different thing than to do a routine". How can you distinguish a jamming partner from a routine partner? I don't know yet, but now I know the difference!

So now I've brutally leaved my friend Manuel, now he feel all this story like a big defat, I hope he will understand one day what I'm doing, I hope he will play with other jammers, have different experiences, and one day we will try again to play a routine together.