week end, hard jams and new jammers

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The last week end was full of freestyle and wind on the beach. I went to Rimini saturday, I was on the beach at 12.00, waiting for the wind and the others jammers. At 13.30 the wind went up to 20Km/h, and I started jamming solo. Then arrived Luca and then Clay, and at the end a tired Andrea Sbucci, very tried cause of the last night. We jammed hard on the hardpack of Pantegana Beach, we hitted some faboulous spontaneus coops, and good indys. Sunday it was rainy until 12, but fortunately it stopped in time for a jam in Cervia, where I met Ricky and Manuel from Bologna with two other new jammer, from Bologna too. Daniele has already a good delay and some brush moves, Andrea is getting more control of the delay and learning how to brush on the beach. After the jam we went to Cesenatico, for eating something on the Nations on The Street, we were very tired but happy. It was a fun week end, I would like to see every day more jammers on the beach... Now I'm working but my mind is on the beach... puff!